TeleBanc 24-Hour Banking

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724-376-2100 (local calls)

Welcome to Mercer County State Bank’s TeleBanc System.  Now you’ve got banking at your fingertips anywhere you have a touch-tone phone. 

For Local calls, you can access TeleBanc by calling 724-376-2100.  If calling long distance, use the toll-free number 1-888-489-MCSB (6272). 

The following information will show you what is available through TeleBanc to assist you during your call.

Public Information Access

  • Deposit and Loan Rates
  • Merchant Check Verification
  • Miscellaneous Information
  • Leave a message

Account Information Access

  • Enter one of your Mercer County State Bank Account Numbers.
  • Enter The Type of Account just entered. (i.e. checking account)
  • Enter your TeleBanc Personal ID  Number. (Initially, use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  For security reasons change your ID once access is approved)
  • Once this information has been verified you will have the following available.

Customer Account Information Available

  • Account Inquiry:

      Current balance and last deposit
Check inquiry by number
Recent transaction information
Loan payment information
Pending transactions to post
Interest Information

  • Receive a FAX account statement
  • Loan advances to checking or savings (open-end loans only)
  • Funds transfer between checking and savings accounts
  • Leave a message
  • Loan payments from checking or savings
  • Change your personal Identification Number
  • Order Checks
  • Place a Stop Payment on checking accounts
  • At any time during your call you may dial 0 and speak to a Customer Service Representative (during regular banking hours at our Main Office)

TeleBanc 24 Hour Convenience – Banking at Your Fingertips!   Enjoy the ease and convenience of using TeleBanc.  If you have any problems accessing your account information, please call us at 724-376-7015, during regular banking hours, and ask for the Bookkeeping Department.


The following information may help you when using TeleBanc and encountering problems:

  • You must be using a Touch Tone phone.
  • Certain special telephone options (such as Call Waiting) can create problems.
  • If TeleBanc Personal ID number is invalid, call bank to see if Social Security Number is on file (for initial access). 
  • Only account owners may access accounts – if not listed as an owner, access is not available.
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