Electronic Statement Disclosure

This disclosure contains important information about our Electronic Statement product, also referred to as eStatement. You should keep a copy of this disclosure for your records.

eStatement Delivery:   Convenience and security can be achieved by enrolling in our eStatement product. When you enroll for eStatements, you eliminate the delivery of paper statements. There is no charge for this service at this time.

Email Delivery:   If you enroll for eStatements, we will send you an email to the email address you provide when your statement becomes available. The email will let you know that your statement is available.
We may also send you email notices for certain required regulatory disclosures, such as an annual privacy notice. Mercer County State Bank does not sell or share your email address with any other entity.
You may view and/or print eStatements from your computer. You can also save your eStatements to your hard drive or other media for viewing and printing at a later time. If you need a paper copy of your statement, contact us at: Mercer County State Bank, Bookkeeping Dept. PO Box 516, Sandy Lake, PA 16145 or call (724)376-7015.  

Canceling eStatements:  You may opt-out of eStatements at any time. If you opt-out of eStatements, we will resume delivery of your paper statements by U. S. Mail.  To opt-out of eStatements simply contact  Mercer County State Bank Bookkeeping Department by calling (724)376-7015 or by mail at the following address; Mercer County State Bank, Bookkeeping Dept. PO Box 516, Sandy Lake, PA 16145.

Hardware and Software Requirements:   You should verify that you have the following required hardware and software: email access with an external email address, a computer and Internet browser such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer that can support 128-bit encryption, Adobe Reader software with flash player version 10.0 or newer (most computers already have this software installed but you can get a free download from www.adobe.com), access to a printer or storage medium such as a hard drive so that you can download and/ or print disclosures and/or statements for your records. We may revise hardware and software requirements, and if there is any change that may impact your ability to access eStatement, we will notify you of these changes in advance.

Email Address Change:   In order to provide eStatements, we must maintain current customer email addresses at all times. It is your sole responsibility to provide us with your correct contact information, including your current email address. You should notify us of any changes to your contact information as soon as possible to avoid any delay in receiving your statement or other notifications from us.




Please read  before continuing your enrollment in eStatements:


-        CLOSE OUT of this window to return to the enrollment form


-        On the enrollment form, CLICK the box to the left of the last sentence  that reads:      “ I have read and agree… “         


-        CLICK on  ACCEPT button to complete your enrollment




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