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From a small store front office on Main Street in Sandy Lake, to nine branches in eight localities, Mercer County State Bank has grown from assets of $185,970 in 1912 to assets totaling over $233 million in 2002.  Mercer County Sate Bank was chartered on June 20, 1911.  Prior to the chartering of this new state banking institution, two other banks had been located in Sandy Lake - the Sandy Lake Bank, which was organized in 1873 and the Mercer County Bank, which was organized in 1893.  These institutions fell on hard times and a new institution, still know as Mercer County State Bank was chartered in 1911.
Mercer County State Bank's Main Office has gone through many structural renovations to appear as it does today.  The original block that the bank is located on, once housed other business along with the bank office.  Through the years these business have included:  The Sandy Lake Breeze office, Kelson's Clothing Store, Village Inn Restaurant, Clara Bugh's Beauty Shop & Millinery, Runkle's Jewelry Store, Patton's Restaurant, Bergmann's Five and Dime Store, Anchor Pizza Shop, McQuistion Insurance and Jewelry, Mowry's Grocery Store, which later became Mowry and McKean's Grocery and Dr. Charlton's dentist office.

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Today, Mercer County State Bank fully occupies the block.  Executive offices, as well as customer service areas, are located in the Main Office.  In past years, the Main Office housed the data processing equipment, which included the main-frame computer and proof machines.  The bookkeeping department, supply room and board meeting room were also located in this facility.  In 1991, the data processing department, proof department, bookkeeping department and board room were moved into the Data Center, new facility on Franklin Street in Sandy Lake.  The areas vacated by these departments were renovated to provide more offices.
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